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How to choose the right sports socks?

date 2022-07-22

How to choose the right sports socks?


You can't do any exercise with bare feet in sneakers, even if it's just a 10-minute walk. Often after a ball game or a gym class, it is found that the feet are worn out with blood blisters. In addition to the possibility that the shoes do not fit the feet, the inappropriate socks are also a very important reason.


Introduction of sports socks purchasing skills


1. In the choice of material, choose pure cotton texture. The pure cotton material is soft, absorbs sweat, and feels comfortable to wear, especially in outing sports. The disadvantage is that the dehumidification effect of the cotton fiber is not very good. After the cotton fiber is wet, it dries very slowly.


2. Wear special sports socks for special projects. Special socks should be worn when participating in certain sports. For some highly confrontational sports, such as football, the socks have a high waist. The purpose is to protect the calf and must not be ignored during sports.


3. The elasticity of sports socks is better. Elastic socks fit snugly and won't slip. The fibers of socks with poor elasticity will agglomerate after washing, causing the socks to be deformed and uneven in various parts, and people will feel grinding feet during exercise. When buying socks, look at whether the elastic fibers at the waist (luokou) of the socks are broken. If they are broken, you must not buy them.


4. Sports socks are not as thick as possible. It is necessary to decide whether to choose a thin or thick one according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, people with sweaty feet should choose a slightly thicker one; otherwise, choose a slightly thinner one. For some sports, such as badminton, the socks are too thick to affect the foot feel, so buy thinner socks. In addition, if the ankle joint is injured, thick socks should be worn, which can stabilize and protect the ankle.


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