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How to design Yoga wear

date 2021-11-22

About Yoga wear manufacturers:

How to design Yoga wear? What are the design standards?

Yoga wear is the most common type of clothing in our lives. It may bring a variety of different design standards. How to design Yoga wear? What are the design standards in the design process?

1. The design reflects the spirit of yoga

Yoga wear must reflect the spirit of yoga in the process of designing. Yoga practice is a whole-body conscious activity. So we need to understand more in the process of yoga setting, because the body itself is a kind of quiet. Flow state, so it is alive in such a situation, and there are many local embellishments in normal times, which can be highlighted in the entire design process. However, the vivid spirit cannot be reflected too much in the design process, and it is rarely localized.

How to design Yoga wear

2. The choice of color should follow the principle

In the design of Yoga wear, in most cases, at least a relatively quiet color can be used in a large area. You can choose water pink, which is relatively dark, but you cannot choose aqua color. If it is a bright color, then it may be It will have some impact on the entire yoga. After all, when everyone wears this product, they may feel that the color of the clothing will affect their exercise.

How to design Yoga wear? Yoga wear has a very good design effect in the design process. Generally speaking, whether it is a dynamic design or a static design, there will be a big difference. We need to understand more when designing. In addition, we have to The selected design principle is the design of highly elastic fabrics. In this way, in the design process, it can better reflect the comfort and not stick to the body.

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