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What is Swimwear? Swimwear refers to the special clothing used to show the body in the water or beach activities, models and beauty pageants. There are variations such as one-piece, two-section and three-point (bikini).


The original swimsuit clings to the body, covering most of the body. At the beginning of the 20th century, men’s swimwear began to wear shorts without a top. After the First World War, the leotard swimsuits worn by women became popular in France, and other swimsuits were gradually eliminated. Beginning in 1935, women began to wear two-piece swimsuits made up of bras and shorts. In 1947, bikinis became popular, driving the development of swimwear in a new direction. Modern swimwear surpasses the past in terms of color, style, and material, forming a new trend of multi-color, multi-style and high-quality swimwear. Generally, it is made of textiles that do not sag and bulge when exposed to water.


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