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What is T-shirt? T-shirt, also known as T-shirt, is the Chinese translation of "T-shirt" in English.


T-shirt, Chinese translated name T-shirt, or translated name T-shirt. Has China called T-shirts before? Three bucks are not worth two bucks, so they are all worn as undershirts? And once the tongue rolls: T-shirt, it feels unusual. Fashion shirts are overwhelming, and the western style of T-shirts swept through. T-shirt, the connotation that this foreign word can leave to Chinese culture seems to be few and few, and there are only so few that can be seen. T-shirt is the transliterated name of "T-shirt", which retains the English "T"-shirt" sound. However, this Chinese and English hybrid vocabulary does not sound so exotic. Perhaps it is because the T-shirt has penetrated too deeply. In people's daily life, people tend to overlook things that are commonplace. With a gentle reminder, they will be surprised that the stories hidden in simple objects around them are so interesting.


The structural design of T-shirts is simple, and the style changes are usually in the neckline, hem, cuffs, color, pattern, fabric and shape.


T-shirts can be divided into three types: sleeve type, vest type and open belly type.


T-shirts are the most active item of summer clothing. From home clothes to popular clothes, they can be matched freely. As long as you choose the same style of bottoms, you can wear popular styles and different moods.


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